Hmmm. here was the upset of the Round of 16. France beating Spain shouldn’t be an upset, but the way these two tams have played at this World Cup it was. Spain=(ed) totally awesome. France=(ed) totally weak.

However this game France played brilliantly. I wanted them to lose, I wanted Spain to win, but France outplayed them. Everybody except Thierry Henry, who spent the whole game standing offside until he was substituted for the last 10 minutes.
Frank Ribery, an ugly goat who last game could only sky the ball over the net, (twice, on clean chances) beat Casillas clean to tie the game early in the second half. Vieira scored off a header and then vey late in the game Zizou himself, who’s looked really the worst of the tired old-timers at this world Cup found the back of the net to give France a decisive 3-1 win.

David Villa scored for Spain on a penalty kick in the first half, but that’s all they could do. Spain looked pretty good, but France looked better. that’s why France gets to play Brazil in their next game and Spain gets to watch. I don’t like France’s chances against Brazil, but then I didn’t like them against Spain either.