Free Tours?

Now here’s the thing about free tours. I love to give them. The reasons are really two: One is of course to give vacationers a glimpse into the fascinating history, stories, symbolism and significance of the monuments of St. Peter’s Basilica, as well as the Basilica itself. Over the 129 years of its construction (!) a few noteworthy stories came up…
The other reason is the money. After an awesome free tour, people sometimes feel inclined to tip. I encourage it. Because that, and comissions from other tours is how I make my money. That I use to live. It can be a good racket. I made 80 euros in tips on tuesday morning. That’s excellent. That’s a good haul. The people were obviously happy.

This afternoon I made zero. That’s right, zero. My highs have been high, but this is the lowest. I was mad and disappointed, obviously. People don’t need to tip, that’s the point of a tip, right? It is a free tour. But it sucks nonetheless. But fuggit anyway. As long as they were happy right? I just wish it didn’t feel like rejection. At least they listened.

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