I’ll just point out a couple of important things right here:

First, a video of “London cops beating the shit out of peaceful G20 demonstrators.”
Thanks to Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing for that succinctly accurate synopsis.

If that doesn’t fire up your sense of outrage, then you’re a lost cause.

Secondly, here’s a little BBC round-up of the reactions of world media, post-summit.

Global financial forecast: Unwarranted optimism with continued obfuscation and confusion. 100% chance of fiscal stimulus with a 10% chance of scattered global banking regulation.

Speaking of; what the fuck is going on with the toxic assets and reformation of the global banking system and capitalism in general? Who are the experts, and if they’re so expert, why are we so fucked? What did they really accomplish in London?
Nobody knows.

The brilliant Matt Taibbi has an excellent article in Rolling Stone that I can’t recommend strongly enough.

It will make you piss your pants with impotent rage, and help you understand why this impotent rage is the only logical reaction to the ongoing financial turmoil.

Have a nice weekend.

UPDATE: Footage of a man who was attacked from behind by a cop, while he was walking home. He died of a heart attack. Via Boing Boing.

UPDATE UPDATE: That particular officer has been suspended, and the investigation into Tomlinson’s death is a criminal proceeding.
Because, he was just a bad apple, and there’s no systemic issue here.