So it´s t minus 3 hours until the Brazil Croatia kick-off, and i´d say the streets of Berlin are almost split fiftyfifty between yellow jerseys and red and white checker ones. Everybodies been partying all day in the sun. Berlin? 30 degrees for the third day in a row! There´s a thunderstorm rumoured for shortly after I depart. It´s all in the lucky timing.
Speaking of lucky timing:


The game was 1 to nothing for japan through most of the game. Poor socceroos. But then a late substitution saw wondercoach Guus Hiddink bring on Tim Cahill, who scored 2 goals mere minutes apart. Then another socceroo sub finished the Japanese off. All in the last 10 minutes of the game.

A fine debut for Australia. There first goal was pretty garbage, but the other two were class. And none were as bad as the Japanese bodycheck goal. A soft floating kick into the box, and as the goalie went up to grab it, he was hipchecked and the ball bounced into the net. Cheap. But in the end, it didn´t matter.

I´m glad my friend and bike tour guide Baldur made the call to sit and watch that game mid tour. We skipped the next one

The USA got waxed. I´m not upset at all.


When i sat down to watch the game outdoors at Kiki Blofeld, a squat type arrangement on the River Spree, I realized I tifo Italia. Tanto. And they didn´t disappoint. A dominant performance, Toni hit the post, they hit the back of the net twice. Pirlo towards the end of the first half, allowing me to relax my grip on my beer. Then Iaquinta towards the end of the second half. That´s the best outcome so far.
Some people I was with wanted to see Ghana do well. Reflecting a general soft spot towards the hard luck African teams. I´ve got that feeling too, but not in this game.
Also had a fantastic chicken kabob and couscous salad at this spot. And a little sun.

Forza Italia!