The average person has about 40,000 thoughts a day. That’s a lot of thinking to wrangle!

How do you keep track of all the cool stuff you think (and see) that you want to remember?

Easy. Make yourself a swipe file.

Your swipe file is where you keep all fun inspiring ideas you come across or have. You “swipe” them, and hold onto them for later.

Here’s what goes in there

– Ideas for future writing projects
– A great turn of phrase you hear while out for coffee
– Movies you want to watch
– A funny turn of phrase you heard in a meeting
– An inspirational quote
– A great bit of advertising copy
– An upcoming exhibition or band you want to see
– Anything at all

Store them all in your swipe file so you can reference them later. That can be an image folder on your phone, a physical notebook, or a comprehensive solution like Notion or Evernote. It doesn’t matter, so long as you remember to put your stuff in there. And check back later, when you need some inspiration.

Then, not only do you have all those gems to look back on when you need a dose of inspiration, you’ve also freed your brain up to focus on what you should be working on!