There’s this guy I work with named GI Mike, though his ID reads PFC Michael Barnett. The guys pretty crazy. His tour consists mostly of jokes and gypsy defence techniques. His favorite conversation topics are his crazy Italian wife, bodily functions, and convincing ex-smokers to go for smoke breaks with him. He’s not terribly well respected in the tour guide circuit because of his lack of diligence and general amokness. But he’s got some charm and good stories. For instance yesterday when I arrived he was beside himself because some guy touched his balls on a very crowded metro. GI Mike then chased him down and was pretty keen on breaking his nose. Unfortunately he didn’t find the guy at an appropriate nose-breaking time. He was pretty angry. I don’t blame him. However I suggested that he gives off pretty gay vibes and that’s probably why the guy fondled him. And winked at him. It’s funny, and we can laugh about it, but GI Mike is not a guy that I won’t going over the tipping point. So no more ball fondling. You hear me stranger?