This week the Globe and Mail’s ‘Celebrity Photos of the Week’ slideshow was captioned by some person with a scathing sense of humour, and a naked support for the Occupy Wall Street Protesters. I appreciate punchy writing. And if that punchy writing is wryly subversive and appears (presumably surreptitiously) in a major media outlet, then I classify that person as a hero.

Not only did they wittily pierce the masturbatory self-aggrandizement of celebrity culture, they managed to slip in some photos of protesters as well. Click through for more.

Maybe the person responsible was on their way out the door anyway, and left this as a parting shot.

And if it’s a Globe and Mail stunt to offer a hat tip to protesters and the whole Occupy movement then kudos to them. Or maybe the site was hacked?

Regardless, it’s affirming and hilarious. I’ve screencapped and annotated a few standouts below.

The moment when we realize that the beautiful Sofia Vergara is not campaigning for higher taxes for the wealthy is a sad one.
A defiant and angry protester. But he’s not famous. Yet.
Yeah, he does kinda look like a dick, now that you mention it, caption-writer.

Set up.

Some captions aren’t witty jokes. this one just tells it like it is.
A simple but important message, regardless of what Sofia Vergara may or may not be campaigning for.
Yeah. Mad respect.