Like you, I don’t think about the horse very often. And when I do, it’s certainly not with any great level of curiosity or detail. It’s safe to say that I take the mighty horse for granted. And I shouldn’t.

The horse is nature’s sports car: a powerful symbol of great power, and also of nobility, utility and power. It is the most equine of beasts, and has accompanied humankind on many great endeavours.

From warfield to farm, from the great plains to the meandering country path, the horse has been there, betwixt the knees of man, to help us get things accomplished.

It has nobly stood still for portraits, been interred with heroes and, from Black Beauty to Seabiscuit, has been the leading character in many movies. Ask any jockey, medieval jouster, Brony, or cowboy which animal is most worthy of closer examination, and he will cry out: “THE HORSE”!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we’ve chosen the majestic horse as the topic for the next Big Ideas Show. It’s happening next week: Thursday 24th September.

That’s right, after summer’s break, we at The Big Ideas Show have returned to tackle the question of horsitude.


The Big Ideas Show, for those of you who don’t know, is a sketch comedy chat show that I have been working on with a number of talented comedy writers and performers since February. We had a very successful first season, with four episodes on four different topics:


And now we’ll return, after a summer’s break, to our home at the MixTree with a brand new set of sketches, jokes and a real live jockey as our special guest expert. This is infotainment like you never knew you needed.

But boy oh boy do you need it. Don’t miss it.