Last night was, though i admit it rather bashfully, my first real visit to the gay bar. A hip, sensitive guy like myself, who shares more in common with the fags on queer eye than the shmucks really should be partying there more often, i know. Especially when there’s the prospect of watching hot girl-on-girl action in their natural habitat, but it just hadn’t really come down the pipe. There had been talk in Amsterdam of going to The Cockring, but really everyone was just more interested in getting their picture taken with the giant ring out front. At least, that’s the way it was withmy circle of friends.

But last night Chiara’s friend Luca and his housemate Marco took us to Gloss, deep in the party district of Rome. because Luca knows the bouncer, we were able to slip in sans-cover charge. However once inside we realized it was a little quiet. I expected more craziness from the gaybar, as i’d built it up in my narrow little mind to be a hotbed of pink-shirted hedonism. I was disappointed. However shortly thereafter the drag show started, hosted by a handsome queen with a razorsharp tongue. She took a liking to this Australian guy who was there visiting and tried to wow him with her English. These comments were the part of the show that i understood, and i was gratefully for the hot Aussies attendance. She then introduced the Mystery Guest- a truly scary looking woman doing an impression of a haggard old Italian singer. Apparently the impression was spot on, however the queen was truly creepy with an almost dinosaurlike face and a tendency to exagerate her already exagerated features.
A hilarious novelty act, but the kind of main course that leaves you with a stomach ache. As Luca said later, I’m not going to sleep tonight.