A Navy Junk enthusiast listens to a boat motor.

Sunday June 3rd was no ordinary ‘lazy Sunday’ in the Chatelain neighborhood of Brussels. Nope. This particular Sunday saw the streets blocked off to cars and filled instead with the joys of junk-sifting and sea-faring. It was the Chatelain annual ‘Navy Junk Street Sale’, where many a blanket was piled high… not just with shoes and broken record players as is usually the case at these flea markety things. But also, on blankets, tables, and parked in handicapped spaces: nautical equipment.

For reasons completely unclear to the outsider participant, this entirely land-locked neighborhood has a day devoted to watersports and navyishness. Fishing rods, motor boats and boat motors, wetsuits, drysuits, flippers galore, anchors, sextants, maps, surfboards, waterskis and the like. If it requires a large body of water (of which there are zero nearby) for its’ use, then it was on sale on this day.

A landlubber hawks fishing rods on the left, while a navy junk enthusiast strides past. I saw that Navy Junk enthusiast later with a harpoon gun and an armful of maps.