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    This particular Good Friday will followed up by a Great Saturday, and then a Pleasant Sunday.

    It’s a long weekend and the wife and I are scooting off to the celebrated Belgian coast for a little romantic getaway. That’s a lie. The Belgian coast isn’t really ‘celebrated’.

    We have both been far more excited about this impending getaway than perhaps it warrants. But when health and circumstance have conspired to keep us housebound for so long, a little mini-cation has us both wickedpumped.

    Especially when you consider that this two night excursion will likely include:

    Seafood dinners – shrimps, flatfish, whitefish, garnaalen
    Seafood lunches – shrimps, flatfish, whitefish, garnaalen
    Swimming in the North Sea
    Swimming in the hotel pool
    Ryan very nearly embarrassing himself at the breakfast buffet -eggs, shrimp, flatfish, whitefish, garnaalen
    A walk on the beach in the wind and driving rain
    A search for wifi
    A search for Easter eggs
    Ryan acting moody on Sunday because he’s not watching the Roma-Lazio derby, but trying not to spoil the weekend, which he scheduled without consulting the Serie A fixtures so it’s his own fault
    A stomacheache

    It’s got all the hallmarks of a memorable, convenient, and inexpensive little trip-let, so I’m cutting out of work early to have a passionate embrace at South Station and hop the fast-train for getaway happiness. Just me and my wife and a suitcase full of Easter eggs.