There are currently real live plants growing all over our terrace (and the perilous wraparound perimeter) of our top-floor flat. Strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, lettuce, peppers, and even more strawberries. Weather and green thumbs permitting, those bushes above will be heaving with fresh strawberries in a month or so.

But it’s too early to tell how this experiment in nature-nurturing and increased self-sufficiency is really going to go. But that’s not the point; cutting open soil bags and inserting the little seedlings was as fun a Sunday afternoon activity as the trawling of the garden centre was for my Saturday.

I think this enthusiastic gardening effort is due in part to the sunshiney weather, partially to the farm fresh produce we’ve been getting delivered every week from Abel & Cole, and partially due to the latest Marbles booking: a night in a theatre in Ealing, performing for an evening of theatre based on Allotments. It’s got me thinking about gardening, and how it’s probably a skill, and one that can only be acquired by actually having a go.

So here we are, having a go.