I awoke into a hazy half dream yesterday. Sunday. I was back in Vancouver.On Grey Rocks Island late-night, with some thumping hiphop, steamy windows looking out onto the Burrard Inlet, plenty of beers and good friends. It was, as Cam described it, like a beer commercial. Not the summer barbeque one, but the winter apres-ski one. I liked it. It was a little awkward at first, because i’d been out of the social scene for awhile. But these people are good friends, and after a moment the conversation started to flow smoothly. And it wasn’t a dream, it was just a long distance phone call. Iwasn’t technically there, when i woke up I was laying on the floor of the living room here in Rome, thinking we should vacuum soon. Not your average beer commercial, but it did make me thirsty for some Vancouver time. In the background of this picture above, one can see the island in question. Now picture it darker. And wintrier. And inside this amazing house (not visible): amazing friends. Only actually on the phone in Italy, imagining you’re inside the house on aforementioned island. Then you have a pretty good idea of my dream.