So today’s Hallowe’en. That’s cool, it’s one of my favorite holidays. It also marks the 494th anniversary of Michelangelo’s completion of the Sistine Chapel.

Practically that means that Hallowe’en falls on the night before a Holiday. Tomorrow is All Saints Day, so there’s no working to be done tomorrow, but much partying to be done tonight.

What I plan to do is see AS Roma play Olimpiacos at the Stadio Olympico tonight. NBot very Hallowe’eny, but dope Champs league football.

I bought a new shirt I plan to soak in blood (ketchup) before I go, for a Hallowe’eny effect. And of course later, we party. I’m trying to convince Chiara to dress up as a sexy, um nurse? or witch…or whatever, so long as it’s sexy, byut she’s not feeling Italowe’en.

Regardless a couple drinks and a couple dances after the game tonight.

Forza Roma!