Just mere days until Hallowe’en. Or maybe in North America everybody already celebrated Saturday night. Because they don’t get November 1 off, like we do here in the Old World. Frankly I’ll be celebrating REAL Hallowe’en REAL STYLE.

So here’s a couple Hallowe’en treats:

That flaming pumpkin that’s on fuckingfire? Spoooooooooky no? Check out Extreme Pumpkins for some pumpkin carving tips.

Vancouver’s own The Stunt Man & Rhek The DJ – Hollerween Mixtape (Free MP3 Download) It’s in 52 separate tracks form. For one continuous mix download this.

If you like spookygory Hallowe’en hiphop then you should rock that Wednesday night while you’re eating the candy you should be handing out to children.

Also note: despite what you may remember from childhood, trick or treating does not occur during the witching hour, children usually go out while it’s still light, 5:30 or 6:00 in the evening so they can be home by 7:30. It only seem so late thanks to HALLOWE’EN MAGIC.