Tomorrow’s my birthday…July 31st.

I’ve got Chiara and some friends from work and we’re off to see the 7 Kings of Rome and then to dinner at an outdoor jazz park. Sounds nice, yet, it’s at this time that I miss my friends alot. Thinking as I do about how awesome they are. It’s not that the folks I’ve met here aren’t great, cuz they are, but I’m not really close with anyone: I’ve got a few buddies, but my relationships aren’t to the depth of those I have with my friends back home. Of course that’s to be expected because i’ve been here so short a time. But also, the way I click with these people let’s me know that with the people I’ve met we won’t click in the same way. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to some entertaining and action-packed time out on the town tomorrow evening. If things go well we’ll hit a hip hop club in the Testaccio (Translated: uglyhead) area. If i’m really lucky i’ll hear Fitty Cent’s “In da Club” and we will, indeed “Party like it’s yer birfday!”