hat tip rap video still

Last year, all of September I was focused on a crowdfunding campaign for my first book, TAKE IT EASY. Like most things in my life, the actual doing took much longer than I had anticipated.

However, the campaign was an unqualified success, all of the backers have the book, and the book is now available for sale (and review) on Amazon.

I’m now working on the second book, and at the same time, finalizing a few outstanding elements from the original crowdfunding campaign.

Foremost of which was this delightful little devil of a project. A rap song to say thanks to some backers.

I worked on the lyrics for a long time, over music from the legendary David Schmoll.

In the spring I recorded the vocals while recording the audiobook. Then I got my friend Henk Raam at Storytailors to film it. Finally, his colleague Karin edited it. After a couple rounds of notes, it’s done!

And now it’s live and online, the newest freshest Ryman Illar track. It’s a very niche little production, but something I’m quite happy with.

Enjoy (especially if you backed the crowdfunding campaign)!

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