(Rich Lam/Getty Images)

The Canucks were outplayed at home and lost the Stanley Cup Finals to the Boston Bruins 4-0. Not even a goal to cheer for in the last game. How depressing.

I wish that was the most depressing thing about Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Unfortunately, in a stunning and sustained display of douchebaggery, a bunch of fucking tools burned and looted the downtown.

The world, understandably shocked, turned on Vancouver. A riot over a hockey game? Again? Every single person I know is embarrassed and depressed.

But those same people – and all the people that make Vancouver such a great city – are turning it around.

From the hashtag #thisismyvancouver – a collection of things people love about the city – to quickly erected sites dedicated to helping police track down the thugs (Brock Anton I’m looking at you) people are coming out to show that these actions don’t represent us.

Of course, the greatest indication of how Vancouverites feel about their city is the facebook group (Post Riot Clean-up: Let’s help Vancouver; in the space of half a day 15,000 people signed up to pitch in and get the city ship-shape again – many of them in their Canucks jerseys. This show of community spirit and constructive defiance, well #thisismyVancouver.

The city is showing that, despite the non-representative actions of a bunch of complete assholes, Vancouver is a city capable of love amongst the ruins. Let’s make that the image that endures after this mess.