So the update: a home has been found and it’s the cats pyjamas. In a sweet area of Brussels known as Ixelles. A clearly upper middle class neighborhood with all the comforts a home needs at accessible distance (video store, two grocery stores, hardware store, bakeries) and more than enough options for going out. Tonnes of restaurants, Lebanese, Chinese, tonnes of Italian, a Jpanese restaurant across the street from us. My only complaint is that collectively they average out to be a spot you’d go for a ‘special dinner, on a special occasion; i could use a few more dash-in local joints. The one exception is the Quickburger. Quickburger is a Belgian only fast food chain. It’s awesome, but not quite the spot one might chill at.

Otherwise, on the interior of our apartment, where we’ve been spending most of our time, the palce is incredible. Two floors, two bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, big kitchen, both bedrooms with little loft areas. Pretty much a dream: big bright spacious with really nice thoughtful, generous landlords. Exactly the opposite of our apartment in Rome.

Chiara and I have been busy with trips to IKEA. One day I will buy furniture that I don’t have to assembke myself. Then I will feel successful. But for now, i’ll use the assemblage of IKEA products as a substitute for genuine DIY projects.

I haven’t really been out, and the job hunt has stalled, but we’re getting the house in order.