If you don’t recognize these guys, you need to read on

Sooooo, Amsterdam. CRUMBS are coming.

That’s right, the improv superduo from Canada’s hinterlands and multiple European tours are finally coming back to Amsterdam. And I’m organising their visit, which will include workshops, and a show on Friday 15 November, at the Polanentheater.

And what a show it will be. So don’t miss it.

For true improv fans and Amsterdam-based improvisers, this show is unmissable. And, for people who haven’t seen improv in a while, or don’t know quite what it can be, this show comes highly recommended. Sure I’m biased, but I also know improv.

The first half will see CRUMBS joining a supergroup of international Amsterdam-based improvisers, assembled from across the spectrum.

  • Peter More (UK)
  • Sam Super (US)
  • Cari Leslie (CAN)
  • Kiki Hohnen (AUS/NED)
  • Ryan Millar (CAN)
That promises to be a good and fun show, but it’s really just a warm up for CRUMBS proper. 

Which will be Steve and Lee doing what they do best: the CRUMBS show that they sell out in huge theatres across Europe. Get informed, get some tickets (of which there are fewer and fewer each day), and see you there.