We all know it: there just plain old straight-up needs to be MORE high-5’s going on around here.

Only you and I, we sit around, quietly high-fiving ourselves on the train to work, or mock-ironically with that one guy, who we sorta get along with at work, even though we don’t actually have that much in common. Maybe we have to wait until that one night a week when we play football to get a couple fivers in our diet.

But some truly radical dudes are doing their part to manifest MORE high 5-ness! Witness:

First, my man and co-conspirator in every recent creative endeavour I have undertaken/am undertaking, Andrew McAlpine, managed to insitute, with full corporate approval, High-Five Fridays at his workplace. Click the link to read his entertaining account.

Then today I read about the always-awesome folks at Improv Everywhere putting together a delightfully simple intervention they call the ‘High Five Escalator’

As anyone who has experienced the smile-bestowing power of the High-Five knows, it made everyone who rode that escalators day FIVE TIMES better. In Rob’s own words: just about everyone was down. Some people were stone faced, but still gave me a high five. It was 8:30 in the morning so people were tired and not in a good mood, but once people connected with my hand, they almost all laughed and smiled. Everyone should start their day with high fives.”

It’s up to us now people, throw some High-Fives, let’s build this thing!

P.S. It seems National High-Five Day this year falls on April 23rd. get your celebrations ready!

More inspiration over at Funny or Die.