First of all, how good is Ottawa right now?
Answer: very good.

How comfortable is their bandwagon?
Answer: It’s very nice. Thank you.

I can’t believe the way THEIR Swedish captain (ahem) has stepped up during the playoffs. I watched the game on Saturday and the Senators play smart fast strong impressive hockey. And their first line of Alfredsson, Heatley and Spezza seem pretty unstoppable. They’ve got a jillion points these playoffs. Plus strong secondary play from their complete well-rtounded team. I like their chances against either Detroit or Anaheim.

Here’s another question: what the fuck does Ray Emery have to do to get respect? People are still questioning him after he won the ‘goaltending battles’ against two of the leagues top goaltenders in Martin Brodeur and Ryan Millar in the last two rounds and put HIS team into the Stanley Cup finals. Pundits are still all, “hmm, does he have what it takes?” …I think that question has been answered.

Anaheim vs. Detroit

What a tough series to call. Not just because it’s so evenly matched but because I can’t decide who to cheer for ie. who I hate less.

Last night during the game Chiara suggested we support Detroit because they have Bertuzzi, and he’s Italian. That’s cool, I wish him all the best. And if hockeyhater Chiara chooses a side, we best fan that flame and hope it grows into a deep abiding passion for hockey. Also Detroit has mad hockeyhistory so Ottawa-Detroit would be a cool final. Buuuut
I fucking hate Detroit. I cannot physically cheer for them.

So Anaheim then. But they knocked the Canucks out. (You could argue the Canucks knocked themselves out technically, but Anaheim was at the scene of the crime). Also their name is the Anaheim Ducks formerly Mighty Ducks, and that’s the shittiest name going. It embodies everything that’s wrong with pro sports. Plus they’re from southern California, decidedly not a hockey region. It’s the kind of place a Stanley Cup finals would be lost on. I apologize to all Ducks fans, and I know there are some of those, but I don’t really dig Disney ice-hockey in Southern California. No matter how deserving of a place in the finals your team is.

So I should support Detroit. But that’s just not possible. I was so happy when those shit-heads got scored on in overtime last night. Ha ha! Fucking Detroit…

I can’t cheer Detroit and don’t want to cheer for Anaheim so let’s just hope for a grueling, hard-hitting 7 games to tenderize whomever advances.