Both teams already through, so this match didn’t have too much going for it. But it was still played with alot of heart. particularly by Mexico, who after going down by two goals came back to within one. Then had two great chances to equalize. When I say great chances I mean one was a penalty shot. A penalty shot that was kicked over the bar. By Omar Bravo. Sorry to drag his name into this, but he shanked another shot over the bar on a clear chance a few minutes later. Not good. Good luck against the Argentine juggernaut boys.
They would’ve finished second on goal differntial anyway.

Not a bad game seeing how both coaches yielded their shadowdwellers. Marco van Basten, the Dutch coach was particularly experimental, playing some young fresh faces. Both sides looked a little lost towards the end with a lack of finish up front. However, Messy Lionel Messi, the “New Maradona” (accordingto the Real Maradona) certainly had some sharp touches and dangerous runs. Basten chose to rest Arjen Robben, their best player so far, and subbed out Ruudy van Nistelrooy early in the second half. The Argies let Crespo rest and subbed Riquelme out late in the game. Both teams basically biding their time until the second round.

Good game coming up. I support Holland a little more, but I give the edge to Portugal. As an Italian commentator said (I think) The Dutch team will be dangerous, but they’re still a little under-ripe. However, they’ve got scoring threats a strong midfield and a solid goalie. Ports got it all. Still could go either way.

Yeah, could be a World Cup surprise, but more likely Mexico can just bend over and kiss their ass good-bye. However, they had a nice run, managed to advance,a dn if they do lose, as they likely will, they may yet be able to say they lost out to the eventual World Cup Winners.