Holy shit! This game was a war. Or at least a pro wrestling match. 16 yellow cards and 4 reds. Both sides ended up playing with 9 men, though when the Dutch van Bronkhorst got the boot it was well into extra time (which lasted 6 minutes-the longest spot of extra time i’ve ever heard of).

The game started very physical with two yellow cardable fouls being delivered onto Cristian Ronaldo in the first 7 minutes. I thought this would be good for him, pushing the defence back on that wing and giving him more room to play. Instead after receiving a mighty kick to the thigh (the 2nd foul) he tried to play on, but eventual had to go off the field. And cry. Because he does that. He’s young. And a crybaby. And captain of my fantasy football team today. Because he left so early after being kicked, he didn’t get me any points. That sucks, though more for him than me. I guess.

Anyway this game was full of fight and passion. The first half particularly was the passion of beautiful football. The second half had a lot more cards (15, in fact) and fight but still managed to carry some explosive action, big runs, and some goalkeeper kicking. Each goalie got roughed up, van der Sar kicked in the face, and Ricardo had cleats raked up his thigh.

A handful of the cards in the second half came during a scrum and involved pushing after the whistle. I thought this was going to be a basketball brawl, or at least a hockey fight, but it was not to be. The noise at the stadium was a constant roar. And with all the stoppages and rough play, I thought a couple times that the ref was going to lose control of it entirely.

I love that intensity. Anyway, Portugal made it through. I expect C. Ronaldo to be back next game, but Deco the midfiled playmaker who stars for my Fantasy team won’t be on the pitch against England. Because that shit-head got a red card for trying to walk away with the ball when Holland has been awarded a free kick. What a dummy.