Wow. The Czech Republic feels pretty crappy right about now. They were up 2-0 against Turkey late in the second half. Then Turkey made it 2-1 very late in the game. Then Petr Cech one of the world’s best goalies made a clamoroso error and Turkey tied the game. So they were going to go to a shoot-out. Crazy.

Two minutes later Turkey scored again.

Final score 3-2 for Turkey. The last minute drama included a red-carding of the Turkish keeper, but that didn’t really take away from the stunning tide-turning Chiara and I witnessed last night.

In other EURO 2008 news: Already-out Switzerland beat title-contenders Portugal in an irrelevant feel-good sidenote to the tournament.

Shocking last minute twist endings and heartwarming tales of plucky underdogs: thanks EURO 2008!