Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am a big Vancouver Canucks fan. And that will never change; they are my favorite, my hometown hockey team. But i’ve got room for another favorite: my favorite hometown football club. A.S. Roma.

It’s nearing spring and I’m just ramping up my fandom. Quickly. There are just 22 games left in the season and Rome is in fifth place, and closing in on fourth in Serie A, the premier league of Italian football. The top four teams in Serie A compete in next years Champions League. This is the specific goal, the general goal is total annhilation of every team we face. Rome just beat league leading Juventus 3-2 last week in Torino, handing them just their second loss this season.
It was just a few games before that that I started to get into the team, and I was stifling screams as Roma pounded goal after goal into the Juve net.

Though I am just getting into my Roma fandom, I’ve actually been on the books as a Roma fan for quite a while. Living in Rome one must choose to be either a Lazio fan (the regional team) or a Roma fan (the city team).

Both teams are pretty good, and there’s a fair split of fans for either team. However, Lazio fans and players are rabid fascists and Roma’s are not, so my choice was easy. Now not all Lazio fans are fascists and neither are their players, but they do have this guy:

Di Canio, you dick. This very very scary man is one of Lazio’s best players, and a fan favorite. He’s certainly his own man, choosing to throw up his fascist salute all over the football pitch, despite what good taste and enlightened political thought would dictate. What a dick.

Roma’s top player, however, is the idiotic yet gifted Francesco Totti

Recently married and a new father this guy scores tonnes of goals, and is basically Roman royalty. I also like that he sponsors Totti joke books, which make fun of how retarded he is, then donates the proceeds to charity. A class act.

But the main thing of course is how they perform on the field, and right now Roma is kicking some major ass. 8 game unbeaten streak. And I’m onboard. But I won’t be jumping off if they start tanking, I am a Canucks fan, and am therefore very very patient.