Sometimes you don’t even know what you need – but manage to find it anyway..

On our first full night in London, we did a pub crawl of sorts. Looking for a kitchen still open after 8pm. It quickly started to seem hopeless as we walked around our neighborhood, from pub to pub, finding kitchens closed and eyebrows raised. Only crisps and apologies on offer.

Until, that is, we stumbled through Victoria Park, and with a last-gasp Hail-Mary, ended up at The Lauriston. Kitchen open? Check. Delicious pizzas? Check. Karaoke? Check.

Check. Mic check 1,2…

Hot Breath Karaoke is all kinds of awesome. Extensively expansive song list. Wheel of Fortune. Booming sound system. Rich sense of irony. It’s got it all.

We managed to squeeze into a corner and watch the place fill up with a young and sexy crowd of hipsters. The music blared, the drinks flowed, and singers of variable quality warbled and crooned, until we made our exit shortly after the semi-falsetto, semi-ragga Gangsta’s Paradise, and on the tail-end of a crowd-chorused Livin’ on a Prayer.

Both were heavy hitters, clearly following the advice of Allen on How you can be cool.

I, on the other hand, didn’t get up and show my (admittedly tone-deaf) stuff, though I had my name in the impossibly long queue. Maybe I’ll have a better chance at Hot Breath’s Blame it on the Burgers event on 25 September.

As a side note, the meal was delicious, but only ranks as a side note, overshadowed as it was by the rock n’ rollin’ good ol’ rock n’ roll good times.

Any songs you want me to crush at the next event? Leave your suggestions in the comments.