When an Italian wants to wish you good luck they say: in bocca al lupo (which means ‘In the mouth of the wolf’)

To which you respond: crepe lupo! (‘I hope he dies!’)

I learned this charming and dramatic way of wishing someone bonne chance when I was living in Rome. Which I did for almost two years.

While there, I worked as a tour guide. It was an amazing job, involving lots of site-seeing and even more dramatic and perplexing history. I loved this job.

In fact, I liked it so much, I wrote a show about it. That show is called Roman Around: A Guided Tour of the Eternal City. And it’s about to become available to the public for the very first time.

After years of performing and teaching improv, as well as hosting events and writing stuff like comedy sketches and plays and short films, (not to mention giving guided tours of Rome) this show is taking it all and putting it together into one package. Then putting it out there; an hour of me, telling stories, jokes and history – entertaining a live audience.

I am excited and nervous in equal measure. There’s been a lot of time and money involved in putting this together. There has been an equal amount of loving contributions from friends: website, photos, illustrations, flyers, feedback – some wonderful people have rallied around. I feel loved and supported. Now it’s officially time to deliver the goods.

Today is exactly one week before the first preview. And it’s also exactly one month before it goes to Edinburgh for a week. To be part of the Edinburgh Fringe.

The point is: there is heaps of work, love and thought in this show. And it’s fucking good. Come see it, or tell your friends to come see it. Join the Facebook Group. Convince your local theatre to hire me to perform it. Help me hand out flyers in Edinburgh. Make me dinner…

At the very least, wish me luck. The wolf is gonna die.