I know my shirt is INCREDIBLE, but I’d like a second opinion.
I recently portrayed an illusionist on Belgian TV. It was for a show called ‘de neus van Pinokkio’ on Channel Een.

Filming this – in the Belgian countryside – was a pretty surreal day’s work. And then to see it, just a couple weeks later, on television, was – let’s be honest – so cool. Plus, they did a great job with the clip.

The only downside was that I didn’t get to keep the tuxedo. But wearing it, and performing illusions – especially after so recently reading ‘Carter Beats The Devil’ – was an amazing experience. 
Realizing that if, instead of doing whatever else it is I’d been doing, I’d spent years and years learning sleight of hand and studying the history of magic, and seeking apprenticeships, I too would be able unlock and share the mysteries of occult and magic.
On the other hand, thanks to all the acting and presenting I have done, I was able to, even if just for one day, tap into the joy of mystification. So that’s not so bad. 
I’m not a real magician, but I played one on TV  

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