Top public speaking coach ryan millar in the middle of a workshop
I’ve been busy in the last year, writing a recently released and highly regarded book on public speaking (The Confident Presenter), and also creating and hosting an online course on Digital Communication skills for Growth Tribe.

And that doesn’t include also all of the client work I’ve been doing, working with groups large and small to help them become more confident, competent and persuasive communicators.

And that work has also earned me a little industry notice, as I’ve been recognized by Coach Foundation as one of the Top Public Speaking Coaches of 2023.

Of course, the work is its own reward, and recognition like this doesn’t mean too much. However, it’s also true that it feels great to see so much effort result in some notice. In the meantime, I’ll keep working on getting my book and sessions into as many hands as possible.

Especially for the autumn, as between now and the summer holidays I don’t have a whole lot of time. But from September onwards I’ll be looking toward lining up sessions and speaking at events, bringing my perspective and plaudits to bear on topics like confidence, self-awareness, storytelling and creativity.