procrastination accomplishment

My friend Simon called me last week with a strange request: he wanted me to call him the next morning and be his ‘angry boss’. A freelancer, he didn’t have anyone holding him accountable, thus he was dragging his heels on getting his website finished. So I called

So, like a good friend and an angry boss, I called him, and offered him some support and tough love. Unbeknownst to me, he recorded the full call.

Listen to it here. You can hear how much I wasn’t fucking around.

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I Accept

I really enjoyed the task. And despite the fact I wasn’t aware I was being recorded, I think I did well for myself, laying out the right mix of no-bullshit firmness and also some thoughtful listening. With a dose of inspiration, even.

And one week later, on the deadline I set for him, Simon has his website live. Check it out here at

So there’s one satisfied customer! And as a direct result, I’m in the midst of another pro bono project, hassling my friend Kiki to get her kitchen renovated. Is this a business opportunity? I’m not sure, but

Is this a business opportunity? I’m not sure, but maybe there’s something here.

Need to stop procrastinating? Let me know, I’ll set you straight.