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When I wrote TAKE IT EASY I always had it in my mind as a first book. One that soon be followed by another book. I even knew what the book was to be called: Improv(e) Everything.

I even had a rough start on that book. But here’s what happened over the next few years: lots. But very little book related. I had initially thought it would be maybe a year or two, but here we are, five years later.

What happened in the meantime is that my wife and I had two kids, and jobs and busy lives and and and… Well, life just didn’t leave a lot of time for passion book projects. But over the past twelve months or so I’ve been back at it. And as time carries on, I’m spending more time on it and getting closer to launching this new book.

Now, when I say getting closer to launching, while true, it suggests that the book is close to launching. That’s not true.

From writing a book to launching a book

The book is actually a ways away from launch. Or rather there are a lot of steps to run through before it arrives in the world. From editing and re-editing and proofreading, through cover design and formatting, and then, of course, the actual launch and promotions and shipping. Plus the book itself is not completely written yet. But it’s close.

And here’s what I can tell you: the book has changed a fair bit from my inital concpetion. But it is still about improv, as I imagined.

But not improv as a theatrical craft (that book is TAKE IT EASY, which I’ve already written). It’s also not about Applied Improv, which is a catch-all term for the interactive communications workshops you might do for an away day at your office. Of note, I’m very available to teach bespoke Applied Improv workshops at your company, by the way). Just Contact Me if you want to chat about them.

On the topic of the new book

What this new book is about is improv for you. No matter who you are or what you do. It’s about how developing an improvisational mindset can make you happier and more effective in your life, both professional and personal.

The book, has lots of insights and exercises to show the reader how to hone and apply these elements in your everyday life, and what traits and attitudes will be affected by the practice.

To be honest, this book has taken me a lot longer to put together not just because of my kids, but also because I’ve found the subject matter quite unruly; it’s been quite a challenge to tame and organize my thoughts and the material.

So there’s been lots of drafting and fiddling, but it is now in shape, and getting ready to get sent off for developmental editing. After which there will be many more steps to get it ready for publication. I will keep you updated, but my hope is to have it ready to launch in early 2023.

Stay tuned.