Storytelling is something I didn’t know I loved, until I moved back to Amsterdam. Now, I’ve been really getting into it – and reaizing I’ve actually been into it for a long time.

I still don’t know much about storytelling as an art (or craft) – but I do know that I love stories – being told on screen page or stage. And now after spending some more time with storytelling I know that Roman Around, the show I wrote and took to Edinburgh a couple of years ago, was very much a storytelling show.

And tonight I will be hosting the My True Story event at Mezrab.

This monthly event, started a couple of years ago by Rod ben Zeev and Sahand Sahebdivani, gets a great turnout of audience and storytellers; usually somewhere between 100-150 people come for the homemade soup and homespun true stories.

Rod was the host and steward for years, but he moved to Tel Aviv last week, and honoured me with the responsibility of holding down the night. And tonight’s the first time I’ll be hosting, and I’ll also be sharing a story about one of my proudest and most embarrassing singing moments.

The theme for this month: IMAGINE

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