I’m preparing to deliver another set of delightful improv teachings for beginners in Brussels. Tell your friends. Tell yourself. Come together.

Ryan Millar will be teaching another improv comedy workshop on June 13-14 and 20-21, from 10 am – 4 pm at the Warehouse. There will be a performance in the evening on the last day. It’s only 80 euros/50 euros for students. Email impromptu@atc.theatreinbrussels.com to secure a spot.

Course Description:


Improvisation Fundamentals with Ryan Millar

Impromptu will teach you everything you need to know to create improvisational theatre in the course of two weekends. This workshop is a hands-on, fun, and intensive introduction to, (or refresher course in) improvised performance.

The weekends will include: warm up exercises, scene basics, character building, performance games, and improv tips. By the end of the four days you will be able to perform live improv armed with only your bare wits, your scene partner, and a suggestion- guaranteed!

After the final class there will be a performance of simple, essential, and funny improv games. You’ll have the opportunity to impress your friends and family in a show starring you! Send an email impromptu@atc.theatreinbrussels.com

About the Instructor

Ryan Millar is an improviser with over 10 years experience learning, performing, and teaching improvisational theatre throughout Canada and Europe. He has taught basic, intermediate, and advanced improv skills to high school students through the venerable Canadian Improv Games in which he has been an instructor, referee, adjudicator, and judge. He has also taught beginners and professionals through his work with !nstant Theatre in Vancouver, Boom! Chicago in Amsterdam, and with his own Maxcap Media.

In performing throughout Canada and Europe he has tickled audiences from Groningen to Winnipeg, and Seattle to Rome. He holds a Performance Certificate from Gastown Actors Studio in Vancouver and has studied improvisation with the likes of Keith Johnstone, (the inventor of TheatreSports) Randy Dixon (Unexpected Productions, Seattle), Alistair Cook (!nstant Theatre, Vancouver Theatresports), and Improv Olympic. Ryan’s range runs from short-form explosive comedy to long-form thought provoking improvised theatre and he is eager to share his experience and knowledge with you.

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Testimonials from Improv Professionals and Past Students

“Ryan Millar is an exciting, smart and infectiously fun improviser. His approach is unintimidating, and cuts to the chase of having a fantastic time doing things you’d never imagine.” -Rachel Miller, Boom! Chicago, Second City

“I was really amazed by how in such a short time you were able to teach us enough to put a show together that not only didn’t embarrass us, but was actually a huge, fun success.” Steve, Workshop Participant, Rome

“Ryan having not been on stage for more than 40 years I found the whole experience awesome-you are simply an inspirational teacher.” Mike, Workshop Participant, Brussels

“You work well with people of all ages and you adapt to all sorts of personalities. Most importantly I find you quite sensitive and understanding to others’ difficulties and are very patient. It was amazing how you handled me, for example, and actually, in your own discreet way, convinced me to appear that special night, almost one year ago. I’ll never forget it.” Diana, Workshop Participant, Rome

“Ryan is a truly innovative and talented teacher, performer, and skateboarder.” –Alistair Cook, !nstant Theatre, Canadian Improv Games

“What a great way to start the year! I’m so glad I signed up for this workshop. I learned a lot from you and really enjoyed it. Thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone.” Frederique, Workshop Participant, Brussels

“His ability to charm people out of their shells astounds not only me but the people who were charmed as well” -Stephen Sim, CRUMBS

“I was initially reluctant to try improv, as I had no experience of acting/performing. Luckily I took the plunge and signed up for the workshop. It was challenging yet always fun, thanks to Ryan’s teaching style. Overall, the Improv workshops and shows were one of the best thing I have every done, and I hope I will do more improvising in the future.” Andrew, Workshop Participant, Rome

“A great workshop with a great gang of people, a great coach and a show that exceeded our expectations – thanks Ryan!!” Catriona, Workshop Particpant, Brussels