Well it’s a full month before they’re scheduled to begin and yet already the improv workshops I’ll be giving through the American Theatre Company are sold right out. Some participant’s come from the Amdram community in Brussels, but some others from I-don’t-know-where. I’m quite looking forward to spending two consecutive, and rapidly approaching weekends elbow deep in some serious improv. As a bonus, the massive demand (200% subscription) has encouraged us organizers and presenters to schedule another go-around for June. Watch for it!

I also met last night with the good folks at Tightrope. We’re looking at some collaborations and future projects in the near spring. These are both things I’m very excited about. Some acting, teaching, performing and collaborating. It’s nice to have a new year approaching that’s only got small elements of uncertainty on the fringes, but is mostly filled with good creative goodness.

I’m also looking for a video camera. For more creative goodness of a filmic nature. Just so you know.
Santa, I’m speaking to you.