Ryan_hosting - PHOTO: SETH Carnhill

Speaking publicly, PHOTO: Seth Carnill

If you know me, you know that I love teaching improv.

I’m currently into a seven-week beginners course, last Saturday I taught a one-day session on improv and creativity. And I’m regularly collaborating on improv components for company away days, departmental skill building, self-development, or just about any other application, so long as it’s badged as ‘improvisation’.

Because it’s good for you, and can be applied to just about any area of your life. Confidence, creativity, awareness, listening, interpersonal relationships, self-esteem – to name just a few core areas that can be improved by learning and practicing improv.

However, I’ve also discovered that for every person who’s interested in learning improv, there are hundreds who just don’t care at all about improv, no matter how much it could help them. I love teaching, and I know improv can build skills people want to develop, but needed a way to present it.

And I found one: Public Speaking.

Presenting my next Guardian MasterclassLearn to love public speaking and presentations. It focuses specifically on something that improvisation can help with, yet in the course copy, there’s almost no mention of improv whatsoever (just one little mention in the last line of my bio).

Learn to love public speaking and presentations

Improvisers love to get on stage in front of a paying audience, without any idea of what we’re going to talk about and make them laugh. Having even a fraction of that ability (and chutzpah) is something many people want desperately.

And so I created a daylong session for the Guardian that’s designed to decrease the fear of – and increase the ability to – present publicly. It leans heavily on the experience and exercises from the world of improv – but unlike improvisation – is all about the results rather than the process.

It’s classic win-win: I get to teach improv, they get to learn public speaking. And we all go home happy.

PS: The class isn’t until the mid-May, and it’s already nearly sold-out. Maybe I’m onto something here..