After the first day of my improv workshop i’m riding a high: we had lots of fun, made alot of progress with some raw rookies and are well on our way to being able to internalize and reflect the tenets of improvsiation theatre. Then make a kickass show next Sunday. The thing that threw me the most today was how turned inside out everybody seemed as they tried to mentally grasp improv. Improv makes sense to other parts of us other than our intellectual self. It aids my observations that I just read “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell, certainly. But I saw firsthand people confronting the confusion of having a body and mind that wants to make story and agreement happen on stage, but a brain that craves it to make more, greater, sense, and an ego that wants to hide the sensitive parts. It creates some tension, and midway through hour four most people actually seemed to have their head tilted a little to the side as if looking at the room skewed could make everything else going on seem more right.