This weekend I embark again on the spiritual journey that is teaching improv to beginners. The ATC is sponsoring my third – and last (as a Brussels resident) – Impromptu Workshop.

In an interesting turn of events, my workshop series, begun in Rome and now going through a third Brussels run-out, has a small group of participants. The first few times there had been a large waitlist on top of the dozen attendees, but due to (I suspect and hope) the short span of publicity this set should have between 7 and 8. And to get this number I’ve had to more flexible on attenance than I’ve been in the past.

The number difference (3 or 4) might not seem like alot, but the shift in the group dynamic will be significant.

Smaller group means more work for everybody, less anonymity, less mobbishness, and we can take more time on some elements, and slow some bits down, pick things apart… more so than we have in the past.

A couple of weekends ago I taught a 1.5hr workshop to 21 people. That was wild, unwieldy, and a lot of fun. This weekend we move to the other end of the spectrum.