So another successful weekend of improv workshops taught by yours truly.

It was not the magical explosion of dynamic love that happened in the spring, but still through one weekend we pushed the boundaries, tackled some challenging games, welcomed some newcomers and put on a kick ass show at the end.

A kick-ass show to a pretty full house too, I might add.

Out of respect to the ideals of critical reflection I present my thoughts on the weeknd.

The lows:

-I had to cancel the Beginners workshop and roll everybody into one giant workshop. A lack of new blood.
-I have a sore throat from all the yelling I did this weekend.
-one new participant couldn’t grasp the concept of mime, and continually would grab objects to help her create the environment. She even threw two water bottles at me in the course of a scene. Fortunately in rehearsal.
-Due to low enrollment, the Producer didn’t get adequately compensated for her hard work.
-The show was good with many a genuine laugh, but not the same level of amazingness I recall from the first.
-Chiara was feeling bad and didn’t make it to the show.

The Highs:
-A(nother) friend of mine came and participated in the workshop, and was surprisingly good.
-I spent all weekend doing and teaching improv.
-I pushed the group in the direction of long-form explorations, though we didn’t actually get off the ground, we taxied around on the runway. Next time we’ll get abstract.
-An abstract form made it into the set-list, though it didn’t really kick ass much ass as I hoped it would.
-An actor who I had some power struggles with in the spring came back, and there were no power struggles, and he was wonderful.
-New people came to see the show.
-People who saw the first one came back.
-I got paid to do something I love.

…and of course, the highs win!