a picture of a wolf with the words "in bocca al lupo" written above it

There’s a phrase in Italian that I love. “In bocca al lupo.” It means, “In the mouth of the wolf!” It’s kinda like wishing bad luck to someone who is about to step on stage (Break a leg!”). But Italians don’t wish bad luck, instead they provide a colorful analogy, as in, “You will be in quite a difficult situation, not unlike finding yourself in the jaws of a ferocious lupine beast.”

The proper response is “Crepi”, or “Crepi lupo”. As in, “I hope that wolf dies!” And I escape with my life!

I mention this because, questa settimana (this week), I’ll be giving some improv and storytelling workshops for some Italian teachers. One and half days of them. I love teaching these topics!

But this set of workshops will be different, for I’ll be teaching in Italian (!) My level of knowledge about storytelling and improv is extremely high. Expert level I’d say.

My level of Italian? Well, that is decisamente medio. I mean, I speak it, sure. I’ve been married to an Italian for 14 years, and we spend some time each year in Italy.

But, it’s not great. I don’t speak good Italian, and that’s no false modesty! So those workshops should be quite an adventure for all of us.

I feel good about it though. I’m ready for adventure!

So… now’s a good time to wish me “In bocca al lupo!