I’m a fan of independent media. I think it’s awesome. Some independent media I really like. My blog, for example, allows me to write whatever the fuck I want, on whatever topic I so choose, without any regard for rigamarole, editing or coherence. And publish it on the internet. That’s awesome for me.

But there’s also real independent media that is awesome for other reasons. Indy news agency The Tyee is a pretty hot Canada Left Coast media source, and they produced this video, which is awesome.

It’s the best thing I’ve seen fish do in a long while.

On the unhappy side of things Medichannel is an awesome independent media source that ‘watches the watchers.’ It is a great site that unfortunately is in dire financial straits, so go ahead and kick down a dime. After you watch the youtube video, you’ll probably have a renewed appreciation for the importance of independent media, and the need for continued critical analysis of the copy they print to make an awesomely welcoming environment for advertisers.