That’s me, recording some rapping
Earlier this week I had a studio recording session. Because I’m moving to Amsterdam. The last time I moved to Amsterdam, See Spot Rhyme recorded our now legendary epoch-defining underground hip hop magnum opus ‘Ready, Set, Rap!’

Ten years on, I’m moving to Amsterdam again. In between these Amsterdam moves I’ve been writing, creating, tweaking and collaborating on a whole sheaf of songs. Of course, a whole lot fo other stuff has also been happening, but in between, some raps have been put into notebooks and occasionally honed into verses. For years now I’ve been wanting to take those lyrics and make them into actual songs. 
And on Tuesday, that process took some huge strides when the project was taken to studio level. Like a real music studio. I went with longtime pals and co-conspirators Dave Waller and Rob Grundel. 
I’ve been friends with those guys for a long time now bonding over a shared love of hip hop and comedy. That expanded into working together as Marbles, then doing Beats, Rhymes and Mirth, and now guesting with them at Excursions.
Rob Grundel on bass

We spent a half day at Fossil Studios, hanging out, making jokes, eating jerk chicken, rapping, improvising, watching Rob play instruments, and just generally having an awesome day. What’s the result going to be?

Well, at best it could be a few tracks that form the basis for an entire album, or it might end up being just a few standalone tracks, or just a research adventure into how studio recording could work best in the future. But regardless of the product-based outcome, it was a pretty kick-ass way to spend a day.

Me on bass holding, Rob on keys

I don’t know what the next steps are, or how long it will all take, but there are rap songs – with live instrumentation – in process.