The Federation of Students and Nominally or Unemployed Artists (FSNUA) spent some time in Union Square Park in Manhattan, giving away grants to people to pursue their artistic projects: from printing supplies, studio time, accordion repair, whatever.

“The FSNUA aims to re-inspire creative thinking and action in everyday people by removing a small barrier and providing encouragement. We give small, unsecured grants in the form of $10-$60 for creative projects thought up on the spot by everyday people.”

This is an amazing, multi-layered, positive artistic intervention. The short-term effects are: hub-bub and excitement and strangers sharing laughter and applause. The long-term effects are at least one repaired accordion, and I’m sure so much more. Divide $1000 by $10-$60 and multiply that by inspired people and you get ripples.

Instant Grant Program from Steve Lambert on Vimeo.

Via Urban Prankster