The internet comes on computers, which are similar to televisions in many ways, only they are often smaller than your average television. Also, they usually come with a ‘keyboard’ and a ‘mouse’ rather than a ‘remote control’. By manipulating these instruments you can go to any ‘website’ you choose.

Websites are like TV channels. Except they are more static, and cluttered. With more text, many different images, advertisments, and ‘links’. These ‘links’ are like a ‘Choose your own Adventure‘ story, as each link will take you to a different area of a website, or even a different website entirely!!

With very low costs for production of these websites, the internet is an extremely democratic way for information to flow. In many ways the internet is considered an improvement on television.

Except in one area: streaming f*cking live sp*rts.

Motherfuckingsonofacocksuckingassfaceshiteaterballdickpussyshitgodfuckdammit, that was excruciating last night.

I tried to watch the Champions League match between AS Roma and Arsenal last night on a ‘computer’, and between the nerve-wracking, edge-of-my-seat action onscreen, and the tendency for that action to freeze up or disappear entirely, well, I had a hard time keeping my shit together. Television: you win. Internet, you lose, and deservedly so. Those wonderful giallorossi also lost, despite playing with immense heart.

Although I watched great stretches of the game uninterrupted, I missed great chunks, including most of the supplementary time. however, I was lucky enough to watch the penalty shoot-out, which saw a heroic, Herculean effort go unrewarded. One save for the good guys, followed by an atrocious flub from Mirko Vucinic, our leading scorer, and then even-stevens, as every shot found the back of the net… until Max Tonetto, our 7th shooter, mis-hit over the bar. Game over.

Regardless, it was an amazing game. After the extensive injuries before and during the game, the lads never said die. At least two players (Totti and Pizarro) shouldn’t have been playing at all, let alone for the entire 120 minutes. Juan, our Brazilian defender, needed to be subbed out after an injury in the fourth minute, only he stayed on to score the goal, and then got subbed off.

Their play exceeded their stores of talent. This was because they came with heart and fierce determination. It was an inspiring and inspired performance. Here’s the BBCs rundown.

Here’s Chris’s from The Offside’s eloquent reflections on the match.

And that says it all. Perhaps the one advantage the internet provided me was that if I were to watch on television, I would’ve been at the pub, and I would’ve been tearfully drunk at the end, ready to fight or hug anyone who stood near me. As it was, I had a camomile tea and went to bed.