I finished my internship today. At lunch. Short and sweet, quick and dirty. I learned a lot. And hopefully there’s a couple of people who would be interested in a story or two I’ve got to pitch.

I left at lunch time so I could go to my university and hand in all of my assignments. My entire university career is finished (except for my dissertation) five days in advance of the deadline.

It’s not solely because I’m so conscientious about deadlines – it’s also because today is the day my brother and father arrived from Canada for a little Millar time visit.

Tomorrow we make a trip to Northern Ireland. For a weekend of soul-searching, reflecting, card-playing, site-seeing, sleeping-in, laughing and whatever else is going on up there.

After the hectic couple weeks we’ve just had, it’s nice to be able to have a visit and holiday with no deadlines hanging over my head. Also, I finished early last Friday as well, and I think that’s a pretty smart way to end the work week.

As for lunches: the winner overall: Lennie’s