I started an internship last week. I’m now getting the hang of it. It still involves a lot of phone calls, online research into quirky news and tourist to-dos, and trying to help people understand the difference between 72 and 300 dpi. All of which is going well, but the area in which I really think I’m nailing it is in spending my £5 lunch ration. Click through for the rundown on week 2.

Monday: Finally made it to Fraco’s the highly recommended and usually lined-up spot. Since last week they have fixed their sign. The place is actually called Franco’s. Had a sandwich and a juice. Both of which were awesome. Plus i got some change back on my £5.

Tuesday: Had a callback for my audition from last Thursday. It was at Rich Mix. I went there and enjoyed myself. It helped that none of the people I auditioned with were crazy. Then I went back to Lennie’s Larder for a whole lot of salad. It was excellent again.

My green bean and cherry tomato salad used green beans from her garden, and I had a mozzarella patty with my sandwich. It was an even £5 (which is inexplicably 50p more than the week prior, but still a good deal.

Wednesday: New sandwich spot. went to Bottega Prelibato. Whereas Franco’s is good Italian sandwiches done in the style of a short-order greasy spoon, this spot, a block and a half up the street, is Italian sandwiches done in an exposed brick wall and hardwood floor kind of way.

The cost reflects this. (They’re not that expensive, either, but when you’ve only got a fiver you’re not getting a drink and change like at Franco’s). My pesto grilled veggie and buffala mozzarella sandwich was pretty great though.

Thursday: Weather was fine, so I scooted off to Curtain Road’s Strongarm. A cafe/bar that has a terrace in a parking lot set back from the street. I had a tasty (though not terribly filling) grilled goat cheese and veg wrap. Followed by a cappucino. I suspect this place is better suiteed to afterwork music and beers.

Friday: I went back to Franco’s – and not, I suspect, for the last time. I had a grilled chicken and aubergine sandwich, took it back to the office, and ate it at my desk. I did this because I left work early, and even though I’m not getting paid, I still didn’t feel I was entitled to a full lunchbreak. But I did feel I was entitled to take a sunny Friday afternoon off.

Winner: Franco’s (Monday)
Runner-Up: Franco’s (Friday)
Honourable Mention: Lennie’s