Since moving to Amsterdam a few months ago, I’ve been working on quite a few projects. Apparently freelancing work doesn’t come to you, rather you go it. Or, if you find yourself with lots of extra time on your hands, you do stuff that makes you happy.

And one thing that has been making me happy is set to launch. It’s a brand new improv duo and format, called The Republic, featuring me and Rod ben Zeev.

We’ve been working away on it for a couple of months, and are set to debut it next weekend in Brussels. It’s an exciting project that has really impressed and excited us both.

For out first rehearsal – without any fixed product or anything in mind – we just jumped up and got into it, and ended up doing quite a funny full length show with a real emotional core. A single narrative with some audience input and fluidity between characters and scenarios. It was great fun and we finished exhilarated and exhausted.

Since then we haven’t missed a beat; we’ve just kept doing shows that we both have enjoyed and has given us lots to talk about and work on, as we continue to shape and refine it.

And we’re both looking forward to next weekend’s unveiling – our first show before a live audience. And in anticipation of our trip to the Finland International Improv Festival in May.

The Republic & ATC Improv
Sunday 7 April
The Warehouse Theatre, Brussels
Facebook Event Page

Here’s a couple videos of us talking about our debut in Brussels.