In truth Italy was crushed by a younger, smarter, much better managed and organized Dutch squad. 3-0.


That’s pretty embarassing, for the reigning world champs. But the most embarassing thing is that prior to this tournament, the Italian football powers extended the contract of Italy manager Roberto Donadoni.

The guy is fucking retarded.

Why he chose to start, for example, the Gary Busey-ish Massimo Ambrosini instead of Daniele de Rossi (Serie A’s best midfielder this season) is inexplicable. It beggars belief.

How the team universally renowned for their well-organized team-oriented defence could get ripped open for 3 goals is a mystery. One that can only be solved by looking at the ‘mastermind’ charged with organizing players and dictating tactics.

Remember this is a team that did not allow a single goal in open play the entire World Cup (not including the own goal).

The whole game they looked scrambly, confused and uncomfortable.
It was as if the guy who’s supposed to be telling them where to go, what to do and how to counter the opposition is an incompetent fuck. Hmmm.


To be fair: the Oranje made them look worse than ordinary, and that’s not just the fault of the manager or a single player…

Unless that player is Ambrosini.

What the fuck was he doing out there?!? And for an entire game (!) when Italy was lacking attacking midfield options and defensive support. Actually they don’t lack those options; they were all on the bench.

Daniele de Rossi, Alberto Aquilani, Simone Perrotta. Two of these players were part of the World Champion team and the third was called by Gigi Buffon (Captain of the squad): ‘destined to become the best midfielder in Europe’.

Why did they all sit on the bench while that lumbering oaf Ambrosini was allowed to be out of breath and ordinary out there?

Ask Donadoni, though I’m not convinced he’s got the mental capacity to articulate a response.


– Since when is a defender collapsed off-field behind the net used as ‘the last man back’ in determining offside calls?

– Barzagli is no Cannavaro in central defence.

– Much as I hate Cassano, he provided some much needed creativity to the attack when he was brought on.

– del Piero’s fountain of youth and nose for the net could see him on the field much earlier next time.

– Sneijder’s goal was ninja-awesome.

– The Dutch could be a force to be reckoned with this time around. With the old cry-babies watching from home, and a well managed, quick and creative group of youngsters (and van der Sar) this could be serious go-time for the Oranje. What a difference having a tactician as manager can make.

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