This looks like a nice place to spend some time not writing emails

It’s been a pretty intense first six months or so in Amsterdam. That’s why C and I are hitting ‘pause’ and heading off for a summer break.

For Chiara it’s been a heavy work experience. Getting settled in her new job has taken some time. Then you couple that with some major event planning and execution, plus a heavy workload and a meticulousness that is second to none, divide that by no real breaks taken up until now and you can be sure she’s ready for some  relaxation.

To give an example of how busy she’s been: we’re yet to see the new Ryan Gosling movie. Yeah, it’s that serious.

For me, on the other hand, life has been a total wild ride of improv shows and workshops, writing for fun and profit, travelling around Europe, acting gigs and auditions, short film projects, and productions in progress. It’s been a fantastic and heady experience. Overwhelmingly positive.

However, I’ve also learned that when you’re working for yourself, and especially when you happen to love the work you do – it’s almost impossible to switch off. There are always emails to write or respond to, calls to make, bits of work to tie off, and of course administrative tasks to tick off. It’s been a lot of hustle.

So though our work situations are pretty different, they do share a ‘lack of downtime’ quality. And not coincidentally, we’ve also not seen much of one another or had the chance to really just spend some time together. So that’s what we’re doing. And we’re going a little off the grid to do so.

Also of note: the weather in Amsterdam has generally been abysmal. It’s late June and rainy and cold. So we’re going off to a place with seafood and sunshine, ice cream and lazy mornings.

It’s time for our summer holiday. To the beach!