Remember the Grey Album? When Danger Mouse took Jay-Z’s Black Album and The Beatles White Album, poured them into his computer, and recorded the results? It was awesome. Still is.

Now comes Jaydiohead, NYC DJ Minty Fresh Beats’ sound collage of Jay-Z and Radiohead.

I sense a trend…
Anyway, let’s put these mash-ups head-to-head and find a winner:

  • Band: Grey Album (Call me a curmudgeonly fuddy-duddy, but I think the Beatles edge Radiohead)
  • Clever title: Grey Album (That’s literally actually what happens when you mix black and white)
  • Jay-Z: Tie (That’s kinda the fucking point)
  • Cover Art: Jaydiohead (Call me a dick, but the greyness of the Grey Album was a little obvious).
  • Downloadable: Jaydiohead
  • Winner: Us. (Did I mention Jaydiohead is a free download. And awesome. Go get it, and place your bets on who Jay-Z pairs up with next. Put your guesses in the comments.